Synthesis and Assembly of Metallic Nanoparticles

The Van Duyne Group is focused on a variety of spectroscopic techniques that exploit localized surface plasmon resonances (LSPR) for sensing including SERS, SE-FSRS, TERS, dark field and wide field microscopies. We typically discuss which might be the most adequate plasmonic substrate for each particular project and then carry out its synthesis. For example, part of my research involves the fabrication silica coated gold nanosphere dimers for SE-FSRS projects, and the synthesis of silver nanoparticles in dry organic solvents for SERS measurements. The former system has the advantages of providing “hot-spots”, i.e. large electric field enhancement, by providing small gaps between the assembled nanoparticles as well as colloidal stability towards high laser fluences required for the ultrafast measurements with a silica shell. On the other hand, the second system will permit single molecule SERS electrochemistry studies of Rhodamine 6G in aprotic solvent. In summary, we rationally design plasmonic materials according to their application.

UV-vis-NIR and Transmission Electron Microscopy Characterization of colloidal samples.

Top: Gold Spheres of varied size illustrating the dependence of the LSPR resonance to the particle diameter. Middle: Gold Nanorod of varied dimensions, illustrating two LSPR resonances and the strong dependence of the longitudinal mode with the aspect ratio (length to width ratio) of the particle. Bottom: pH-trigged Assembly of Gold Nanospheres illustrating the LSPR coupling in dimer clusters.

Ji Eun Park, 3rd year graduate student

Recent Publications:
B. Rodríguez-González, F. Attouchi, M.F. Cardinal, V. Myroshnychenko, O. Stéphan, F.J. García de Abajo, L.M. Liz-Marzán, M. Kociak, Surface Plasmon Mapping on Dumbbell-Like Gold Nanorods. Effect of the Silver-Coating. Langmuir 2012, 28, 9063-9070.

P. Taladriz-Blanco, N.J. Buurma, L. Rodríguez-Lorenzo, J. Pérez-Juste, L.M. Liz-Marzán, P. Hervés, Reversible assembly of metal nanoparticles induced by penicillamine. Dynamic formation of SERS hot spots. J. Mater. Chem. 2011, 21, 16880-16887.

M.F. Cardinal, B. Rodríguez-González, R.A. Alvarez-Puebla, J. Pérez-Juste, L.M. Liz-Marzán, Modulation of Localized Surface Plasmons and SERS Response in Gold Dumbbells Through Silver Coating. J. Phys. Chem. C 2010, 114, 10417-10423.

J. Rodríguez-Fernández, J. Pérez-Juste, F.J. García de Abajo, L.M. Liz-Marzán, Seeded Growth of Submicron Au Colloids with Quadrupole Plasmon Resonance Modes. Langmuir 2006, 22, 7007-7010.

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    Discoverer of Surface-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (1977)
    Inventor of Nanosphere Lithography (1995) & Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance Spectroscopy (2000)

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