About Me


I am a Ph.D student in Northwestern University’s Department of Linguistics. Before moving to the Chicago area, I lived in Northern Minnesota where I taught courses in linguistics, writing, and journalism at University of Minnesota Duluth.

At Northwestern, I also do data science consulting and teach workshops on topics like NLP and datavis. I specialize in R, Python, and analyzing experimental behavioral data.

I have many hobbies, but most of all I love exploring the world and making pictures of disappearing places.


My research aims to answer questions about speech perception, speech processing, and mental representations of sound, as they relate to prosody. The complexities of studying prosody have led me to take a multidisciplinary approach, so my work is deeply informed by cognitive science, psycholinguistics, and computational approaches to language science.

In the past I have worked on topics in morphosyntax and preserving the endangered Iron Range dialect of American English.

To learn more please see my Research page.

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