Well, here it is! I hope my logic is somewhat intact. I tried to present quite a bit of what we’ve been talking about/what I’ve been thinking about outside of class. So, hopefully it all makes sense.

I had a blast working with Newhive. Through the digital, I tried to bring out the uncanny and mysterious. Thus, I played with blurring lines to form smudge marks, merging photographed dots with digital dots, adding (super) faded pictures of people and vegetables, drawing “scratch marks,” and using distorted images to create textures (such as a stain, or a dried out bit). Sometimes I confused my computer’s smudged screen with the project’s! Also, I messed with virtual space quite a bit. Some of the text is extremely small, but you can easily zoom in to read it. This reminded me of Prezi.

Ultimately, I really enjoyed overlapping the writing’s content with the presentation’s aesthetic.

The project attempts to briefly cover quite a few ideas. Honestly, the topic is rich enough to write a book on.

I think the beginning and end paragraphs are the weakest parts. I wasn’t quite sure how to open and close such an abstract study.

Thank you again for a phenomenal quarter! I felt like the class got at two of life’s ultimate questions: is Truth somewhere beyond, or is Truth right here? And is Truth a point of infinite exactness, or a scale of difference?