Speaking of which…

I can talk politics backwards, on a bus, in 95-degree heat.

These links go to slides from some recent presentations I’ve given (Try to narrate yourself).

Buffett Center Workshop on Globalization (Northwestern): “Movers and Shakers: The Political Geography of Globalization in the U.S.”

Midwest Political Science Association (Chicago): “Experience in Place: The Political Effects of School Closures in Chicago

Midwest Political Science Association (Chicago): “Social Media as a Forum for Local Democracy?”

Workshop on Inequality and Cities (Princeton): “Ties That Bind: Social Heterogeneity and City Delegations”

Center for the Study of Democratic Politics (Princeton): “Cities on the Hill: City Delegations and Civil Rights Liberalism”

Institute for Policy Research (Northwestern): “What’s the Matter with Park Slope? Issues and Organizations in the 2013 New York Mayoral Election”

Engage Chicago Summer Program (Northwestern): “Politics in Chicago, Chicago in Politics”