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Summer 2019 workshops are still being planned.  Topics are likely to include:


  • Introduction
  • Intermediate/Next Steps
  • Intro to R for Stata Users
  • Visualization with ggplot2
  • Data Manipulation with the Tidyverse
  • Statistical Modeling: hypothesis tests, ANOVA, regression models
  • Predictive Modeling: trees, SVMs, etc.
  • Text Fundamentals


  • Introduction
  • Intermediate/Next Steps
  • Visualization
  • NumPy/SciPy
  • Data Manipulation with Pandas
  • Web Scraping and APIs
  • Topic Models for Text
  • Predictive Modeling with Scikit-learn
  • Tensorflow


  • Selecting Data: the basics
  • Exploring Data: data types and functions
  • Changing Data: insert, update, delete, temporary tables
  • Designing and Creating Databases


  • Fundamental Programming Concepts (precursor to introductory R or Python)
  • Introduction and Intermediate Command Line
  • Bash Scripting
  • Introduction and Intermediate Git and GitHub