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Software Installation

The necessary software must be installed prior to the workshop. Workshop instructors will NOT be available to help you during the workshop.

Software installation instructions are below. If you need assistance, please Request a Research Data Services Consult. Instructions will also be emailed to registered participants before the workshop.

If you do not have administrative rights on your computer (for example, some medical school computers), you may need assistance from your local IT department to install software. Alternatively, web-based options that do not require any software to be installed locally are also available for some workshops.

The Data Strategies and Fundamental Programming Concepts workshops don’t require software installations.


All Python workshops require Python 3.6 or 3.7 run through Jupyter Notebook. If you’re unfamiliar with Jupyter Notebooks, and you’re not taking the Python: Introduction workshop, see the Resources page for links to help you get started.

You may be asked to install additional packages during the workshop.

Python Installation Instructions


For all R workshops, you need access to R (version 3.4 or later) and RStudio (version 1.1 or later). You may be asked to install additional packages during the workshop.

If you know how to use R, the tidyverse set of packages is needed for several workshops. It takes a while to install, so it’s good to install ahead of time. You can install it from the Packages tab in the bottom right window of RStudio or with the R command:

install.packages("tidyverse", repos="")

We’ll cover how to install packages in the R: Introduction and R for Stata Users workshops, so if you’re new to R, don’t worry about installing any packages ahead of time.

R/RStudio Installation Instructions

Command Line

For command line workshops, you need access to a terminal program running a Bash shell.

If you have a Mac, there’s no need to install anything for the workshop. The built-in Terminal program in Applications > Utilities will suffice.

If you have a Windows laptop, we recommend you install and use Git Bash. This gives you access to the Bash commands you’ll use in the workshop, and it will install Git (used for version control) as well.

Git and GitHub

If you’re using Windows, Git Bash installs all you need.

For Mac users, see these instructions to install git.


You will need access to MATLAB. It’s available via NUWorkspace and Quest if you don’t have a license for your laptop. Both Quest and NUWorkspace require you get an account (which can take a couple of days) before you can access the systems.

Databases and SQL

Instructions coming soon.