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Un/Disciplined Environments Lab

Discipline: (noun) a field of study, a rule or system of rules governing conduct or activity; (verb) to impose order upon, to bring a group under control (Merriam Webster)

The Un/Disciplined Environments Lab is run in coordination with Dr. Laura Zanotti's Un/Disciplined Feminist Political Ecology Lab at Purdue University and our joint Presence to Influence team.

Global environmental challenges, including climate change, biodiversity loss, desertification, deforestation, and multiple forms of pollution, require unprecedented cooperation, innovation, and creativity to address. Moreover, because the drivers, impacts, and capabilities related to global environmental change are unequally distributed, discussions on social justice and human rights have become essential for developing effective responses to environmental challenges. Although scholars, practitioners, policy-makers, and communities across diverse fields, sectors, and geographies have created knowledge and experimented with solutions to address these challenges, these global problems remain entrenched. Solving them, thus not only requires cooperation and creativity, but innovating new forms of knowledge exchange and sharing Today, these global environmental challenges demand transdisciplinary research. They require that we move beyond our disciplinary and established ways of thinking, examining, and teaching in response to environmental change and instead demand that we become “undisciplined” and unmoored from the ontologies, epistemologies, and methodologies that guide traditional academic research (Marion Suiseeya and Zanotti, 2019).

This lab is an interconnected network of scholars working within and across multiple disciplines and environments. More details on our work coming soon!