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As an interdisciplinary environmental social scientist, I approach my courses through an integrated approach, bringing in the latest science and debates on issues related to environmental policy and environmental change to help studentsĀ build a greater understanding of environmental politics. My courses are student-centered and emphasize active learning.
Winter 2019 (@Northwestern)
POL490: Global Environmental Politics
Fall 2018 (@Northwestern)
POL349: International Environmental Politics
Winter 2018 (@Northwestern)
During Winter 2018, students in POL395 are participating in the Presence to Influence project.
Fall 2017 (@Northwestern)
Spring 2017 (@Northwestern)
Winter 2017 (@Northwestern)
Additional Courses:
  • POL623: Global Environmental Politics and Justice (graduate seminar); Fall 2015, Purdue University
  • POL423: International Environmental Politics (undergraduate); Fall 2015, Spring 2015, Purdue University
  • POL223: Introduction to Environmental Policy (undergraduate); Fall 2014, Spring 2015