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Tag: language

First Time in Tel Aviv!

I’ve been here for a couple weeks now and it just so happens to line up with a debate going on back on campus...
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Breaking the Language Barrier

Kaitlyn Lannan, European Union Studies, Fall 2014 One of the things that I had been the most worried about before coming to France was...
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Why Hong Kong is the best city for study abroad

Audrey Zong, HKUST Exchange, Fall 2013 As Northwestern students, we are lucky enough to have such a vast selection of study abroad partner institutions...
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The bad, the ugly

Audrey Zong, HKUST Exchange, Fall 2013 I hope that the title got your attention! There are expectedly struggles that we face when going on...
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Before I leave for Paris, France

Amy Glazier-Torgerson, Sciences Po Exchange, Fall 2013 I am excited, and anxious, to say that this fall I will be studying abroad in Paris,...
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Au revoir, Paris!

Audrey Telfer, Sciences Po Exchange, Fall 2014 On June 25, 2013, I returned from Paris to the United States. It had been over 10...
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