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Tag: Italy

Aperitivo, Risotto, and Cheese, oh my!

I would be lying if I said the food wasn’t a large deciding factor in my decision to study in Milan. Besides being obsessed...
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arrivederci America!

I have always been obsessed with Italy and it’s culture and have always had a deep connection to Italian culture and arts. For these...
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Back at It

Finally, I have returned to Evanston to start a new year school year. A clean slate, with a fresh outlook and excitement; I truly...
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Unexpected Espressos

My pasticceria had just put out some fresh brioche, knowing I had to grab one on the way to school. The pastry chef spoke...
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un bellissimo fine settimana con amici italiani

Sofia Falzoni, Sciences Po Exchange, Fall 2012 After Reims (see last blog post), the next weekend trip I went on was to Italy. The...
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