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Tag: Food

Don't take this with a grain of salt!

Joseph Hsieh, Public Health in China, Summer 2014 Food takes center stage in China. In fact, the large variety of food available in Beijing was...
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时间的再见 (time for goodbye- it rhymes in chinese)

Chloe Harrington, Public Health in China, Summer 2014 I literally have 20 minutes until I am kicked out of my room here at Beida, and...
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Looking back on Paris

Abby Reudelsterz, European Union Studies, 2013 It’s hard to believe that I’ve been back in the U.S. for almost four weeks now. Since my...
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Delicious Turkish Food

Hagar Gomaa, Koç University Exchange, Fall 2013 I felt that this blog post was necessary since I have neglected to mention one of my most...
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Five Things to Expect from Living With a Host Family

Maddie Stuart, European Union Studies, 2013 1.) Some of their rules will seem silly—you still have to follow them. After being in college for two...
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Tea Ceremony

Anthony Chiodo, Political and Economic Development in China, Summer 2012 During our trip to Hangzhou, my classmates and I found a teashop in the...
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