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Tag: EU Studies

That’s a Wrap

It has been almost a month now since I left Paris. Coming back home to Texas, spending time with my family, and just taking...
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Was EU studies the right program?

Probably no one would discourage you from going abroad, and odds are that if the credits line up and the location sounds appealing, you’ll...
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Sciences Po Associations

Stepping into la Péniche at 27 rue de Saint Guillaume, the main building at Sciences Po, can feel like stepping into a crowded train...
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EU Studies Classes and Excursions

Kaitlyn Lannan, European Union Studies, Fall 2014 As an Economics minor, I was very excited to start taking classes on the EU Studies program....
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Breaking the Language Barrier

Kaitlyn Lannan, European Union Studies, Fall 2014 One of the things that I had been the most worried about before coming to France was...
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