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GESI '19, Northwestern '20; Human Development and Psychological Services, Sociology

Hanoi “Check-Out”

Living and working in Vietnam, I have gained a greater awareness of my abilities, limitations, and how to navigate the new. This environment has...
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Exploring Hội An

This past weekend, some of my GESI-mates and I travelled to Hội An in central Vietnam. We arrived in the lantern city after a...
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Seeking Space

Being abroad can be exhausting. While living in a new country, with a new family, surrounded by new experiences, languages, and foods is incredibly...
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A Day at Hạ Long Bay

What do King Kong, dragons, and limestone all have in common? Hạ Long Bay! This past weekend, my GESI Vietnam group travelled to Hạ Long...
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Going with the Flow

Living with my home-stay family has provided the opportunity to experience everyday life in Hanoi. Walking down my street in the morning, I pass...
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Taking Time To Listen

After five days of embracing sweat as a state of being, the Hanoi weather seemed to cool off (to a cool 90 degrees) just...
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A Hanoi Welcome!

The air outside of the Hanoi airport felt like a sauna. As we moved farther from the airport air we had grown accustomed to...
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