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Maybe too far from home?

I am back in the States, back at Northwestern. And the culture shock is back, too. As I said in my first blog post, being...
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Land of migrants

More than 3,000 migrants die every year in the Mediterranean Sea. Among those who survive, most are sent right back home and never manage...
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A harsh lesson for humanity

A man jumps from one slab to another; groups of loud kids play hide-and-seek; a girl takes a photo of her friend striking an...
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Berlin the "poor, but sexy"

“Darf ich hier sitzen?” (May I sit here?), I ask a young couple chilling on a wooden bench. They pay no attention to me....
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Not too far from home

From an altitude of 10 Km, on my way back home from Copenhagen, the Alps look as stunning as always. I have been blessed...
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