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SOWETO Township Tour

The last week in South Africa, my family and I visited a township in Johannesburg called SOWETO. The name represents the location: South Western...
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Home Away from Home

Most of the time while I’m here in South Africa, I notice the differences in culture, weather, people, etc. However, at Stellenbosch University, it...
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Observation of Orthopedic Surgery

Today, one of my classmates and I had the incredible opportunity to observe two orthopedic surgeries at Tygerberg Hospital in Cape Town.  The first...
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A Wildcat in the Wild

Kruger was like nothing I had ever seen before; the entire experience felt like a dream. All the scenery in the world going on...
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Go Maties!

In America we love, obsess over, and even dedicate an entire day of the week to one sport: football. I grew up not only...
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