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Traveling Tips While Abroad

Even before arriving in-country for my summer program, I knew that costs would add up the more I went out and traveled. However, I didn’t want this to keep me from exploring everything that Costa Rica has to offer, so I began looking for ways to better budget my time and money. For this blog, I wanted to share some personal traveling tips I learned throughout my time abroad:

  1. When making an overnight trip in country, look for cheaper selections such as hostels – for every large trip we took, my group was able to find options for less than $10 a night per person. Airbnb can also be a cheaper option if available in the country of your program.
  2. Take advantage of public transportation – in Costa Rica, the bus system is very efficient and cheap; getting around the city of San José would cost less than $1 per ride, and even longer trips (3+ hours) cost a maximum of $10, saving us a lot of money.
  3. Always pack light – more often than not, you’ll end up dragging the extra weight of clothes and items that you won’t use on your trip. Don’t be afraid to re-wear or re-style clothes more than once!
  4. Try to leave as early as possible when departing for a trip – many unexpected events can occur throughout your travels, including traffic delays or taking the wrong route.
  5. Stay calm in unexpected situations – when things don’t go as you expect, don’t panic. Think of a realistic plan of action and follow through with it.
  6. Don’t be afraid to ask for help – if you are uncertain about which bus to take or how to get somewhere, ask people around you, and they will likely help you or guide you to someone who can.

Of course, everything written above is simply what I learned from my experiences in Costa Rica, and every country/situation will be different. I hope these tips can guide you when planning for your next trip abroad!

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