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Frida Kahlo, My Love

I stared up into the blue walls of my surroundings, my heart beating with excitement. The aesthetics of La Casa Azul flooded into my being, and I stared at awe at the symphony of color and plants that glittered the area.

Today was the day we were going to visit La Casa Azul in Coyoacán, visiting the wondrous home that once was Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera’s.

As an art fanatic, I loved to study artists like Goya, Dali, and Kahlo when I was growing up. Frida Kahlo was one of my favorites, as her artwork seemed to be direct representations of her mind and her creativity rather than decorations of her skill. I was fascinated by her story and her life; it was so inspirational to see someone who struggled so much due to an accident and due to misfortunes in life and to see them use art as a narrative to fight for not only herself but also for human rights.

I walked through the rooms that surrounded what once was her and Diego Rivera’s life. The rooms were filled with Frida Kahlo’s paintings, from her initial sketches to her painstaking detailed paintings of the pain of not being able to birth a child. Photographs of her and Diego Rivera also flooded the scene, with famous quotes by Kahlo outlining the photographs and the walls of the place. In one room, her vibrant and colorful dresses filled a dark space, celebrating her creativity that spoke out in her form of dress as well.

I quickly grabbed a poster from the souvenir store of The Two Fridas (1939).  I was so amazed by the opportunity to have been able to not view the artwork of one of my favorite artists in the world, but also walk through and breathe through the environment that Frida Kahlo once lived in.

Mexico was blessing me with such amazing opportunities that I never once expected I would be given, and the visit to La Casa Azul, was definitely the cherry on top of a very sweet cake.

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