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Stellenbosch University

Home Away from Home

Most of the time while I’m here in South Africa, I notice the differences in culture, weather, people, etc. However, at Stellenbosch University, it is easy to spot the similarities between here and Northwestern. Some of my peers and I have even started referring to most things on this campus by the names of their counterparts at Northwestern.

For example, we live in a dormitory called Concordia, or also known as Bobb Hall. And everyone knows that right next to Bobb Hall, there is a convenience store called Lisa’s, or here known as Tapas. Concordia/Bobb is the social dorm that always has something going on, and Tapas/Lisa’s is always there for a late night snack when you need it. 

Next, is the building where I spend most of my time at both universities: The Technological Institute, or here, The General Engineering Building. Surprisingly enough, Tech at Northwestern is not the only confusing engineering building, I’m constantly getting lost here at Stellenbosch University trying to find the computer labs and classrooms. Speaking of which, fall quarter I spent way too much time in the computer lab MG47 at Northwestern, and here I feel the same way with the computer lab FIRGA.


Finally, here at Stellenbosch University, we have Neeslie, and as Northwesterners would call it, Norris. The overpacked student center is filled with similar students taking a break from the library vibe, and stopping at My Brew, or at NU, BrewBike, on their way to class. Different countries, different towns, different universities, but still I feel like Stellenbosch University is just a home away from home from Northwestern.

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