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There and Back Again

Now that I have returned to Northwestern after spending four months in Zürich, Switzerland, it has been nice to return to familiar places and see familiar faces, yet a lot has certainly changed – not only about campus itself, but I feel that I have also changed as a result of my time abroad. It certainly has taken some time to adjust to the fact that I can’t use the CTA to transport myself into the mountains or whisk myself off to another country.

Hiking to the top of Malbun, Liechtenstein.

The flat cityscape of Chicago is certainly a far cry from the stoic peaks of Engelberg and Interlaken, but at the same time, seeing signs I can once read is a welcoming feeling that makes it seem as though I never left. During my time abroad, I made an effort to explore Zürich and as much of Switzerland that I could.

Resting on a bridge in Budapest, Hungary.

Skiing with great friends.

During these travels, I met new people who have changed my outlook on life as well as gained new cultural perspectives that I would not have been able to comprehend by staying in the United States. Although four months is only but a fraction of my time spent in college, I have learned more about life and the world in these past four months than I have during the sum of the three years I have spend at Northwestern.

Enjoying Raclette, a Swiss favorite.

Studying abroad has opened my mind to new experiences, allowed me to explore exciting new places, and meet amazing people along the way. Although I am now home here in Chicago, I believe I have found a second home abroad and I can’t wait for the chance to go back again.

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