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Move On and Along


Studying abroad in Germany this past summer had been an absolute privilege. I was thrown into a completely different culture where societal norms were completely foreign. This trip made me feel a sense of humility as I had been so ignorant on German culture. Such a foreign culture had been humbling to me as I was allowed to reflect on my own American values and culture. There, I learned of the post-war sentiments, saw the scars of communism, and experienced avant-garde movements. I came back a different person after this summer and it was a period of time in which I felt the most growth. I was challenged with learning the German language and customs, marched in the Berlin Pride Parade, and felt the pain as Germany was knocked out of the World Cup. I consider my experience to have been integral in developing my own identity.


I do not see Berlin as my home or second home or whatever you may like to call it. Am I emotionally attached to the city? Yes of course, however at the end of the day it is just another chapter that had started and ended in my life. I appreciated my experience there but do not yearn to go back to the summer. For me, I am only focused on the next period that comes ahead of me and I hope to keep on developing further.

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