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Being home

After being back in the country for a month, I feel somewhat lost. There was so much to do in Beijing, every day felt like an adventure. But now, being home, I find myself missing all the little things I took for advantage. I wish I was back in my dorm, hanging with my frisbee friends, going to the mall with my roommate, eating dim sum, and playing mahjong. However, I will try to take advantage of my time left before school starts to relax.

The end of the program commenced with the Summer League championships, which unfortunately the team I played with lost. Then my roommate and I traveled down to the Guangdong province to travel around Guangzhou and visit our respective families. We are both from Guangdong, so it was convenient to travel with her. In Guangzhou, we stayed in an AirBnb right across from the famous Canton TV Tower. Then I followed her to her family’s hometown of Guanghai, which is situated right across from Macau. We ate a lot of seafood. Finally, I ended my journey in China by visiting my aunt who lives in Taishan city. She brought me a lot of fruits native to regions close to China, like durian and papaya, so the fruits were extremely sweet and fresh. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity.  

Here’s a picture of the best meal I had in China, eaten in Taishan, Guangdong:

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