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One Week In…

After one week into the program, I pretty much got a taste of what the rest of the program is going to be like. I was tired yet still excited. We had just come back from being at the Great Wall and I feel like being able to keep up with the speed we are going at is going to be just as difficult as climbing up the wall was. I choose to take classes on the Political Economy of China as well as was placed into the proper Chinese class. Both classes were very fun and very interesting. I like the way the Chinese classes are being taught because we spend a lot of time on the text and on new characters. Even though the speed of the class is extremely fast, I still feel like I am retaining most of the information.

I was wrong about spending all of my time in the classroom because even though we had class most of the day, we still had a bunch of time to ourselves after class to roam around and do our own thing. The amount of homework given is just enough and not overwhelming.

I had to figure out a bunch of things by myself, like how to get the washing machine to work, and where I was going to let my clothes dry since the dryers didn’t work. 🙁 My roommate and I spent the first few days of the week finding supermarkets and I bought a bunch of cleaning supplies and hangers for our room. I’m excited to see what the next couple of weeks are going to be like!


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