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On a Mini-Vacation

During our five-day break my roommate and I decided to go to Shanghai to explore even more of China. Shanghai is very different from Beijing. Maybe it was because we were mostly checking out areas where tourists usually visit in Shanghai, but I got a more “modern” and extravagant vibe from Shanghai while in Beijing I think there is a good balance of both ancient and new. It was cool to have a break from school and education, which was one of the main purposes of this program. Professor Gu was very adamant that everyone has a little trip to explore more of what we don’t usually get to see in Beijing. I thought this was very nice because we aren’t just exposed to one specific area in China, we get to experience all different parts, and every part is a little bit different.

First thing we did when we got to Shanghai was eat dim-sum. There is dim sum in Beijing, but the experience and taste you get from the northern part of China, and the southern part is different. Since my family is from the South, I got a taste of what I was used to in Shanghai.


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