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Trip to Oaxaca

The class field trip to Oaxaca was the best field trip we have had so far. The city felt like stepping into the past while still keeping hold of some modern comforts. It is a city with European-style architecture placed against a backdrop of plenty of clear skies, fresh air and wild plants. Shops, mostly artisanal ones, line the streets, filling them with colors and sounds that add to the experience. Mariachi music, guitar solos and other performances can also be heard coming from the city’s zocalo. Overall, this city has a very relaxed feel to it.


Another aspect of life that is different here compared to Ciudad de Mexico (CDMX) is the level of influence religion has on the population. Many of the churches here are much more lavish and older than the ones that can be found in CDMX. Furthermore, mass is held in these churches in not only Spanish, but also, in many of the indigenous languages still used in this area.


Food, too, is different here. For example, one of the most popular dishes from this area, mole, comes in more colors and flavors here than anywhere else in the country. The chocolate from this area is also both very famous and very delicious. It can be consumed both in solid form and as a warm drink. That being said, if I ever have the opportunity to visit Mexico again, I will definitely make a stop in Oaxaca– if only to have some authentic mole with hot Oaxacan chocolate one more time.

Pictured: Bible translated into two different indigenous Oaxacan languages

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