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Mexico So Far

So far, the adventure here has been utterly amazing. From the moment we landed and got picked up at the airport, I was greeted with beautiful sights and the loudness of the immense traffic. When I arrived to the home stay, I immediately felt at home. The host mom has been incredibly nice and welcoming. I especially adore her delicious cooking, having wonderful meals one after the other. In the classroom, we’ve been presented with well-put lectures and seminars concerning interesting and important topics by qualified and educated professors. The World Cup has also been a spectacular event to witness in Mexico, with so much excitement and anticipation to watch any game that’s playing on TV during lunch at the cafeteria.

An expedite that I feel has greatly impacted me and opened my eyes to the reality of medicine was a trip to San Jose Toxi, a rural town two hours from Mexico City. There we were introduced to the only staffed clinic in that town, which was run by medical students completing their required year of service. Our guide, a doctor at the clinic, explained about life in the town, the various health issues they’ve been dealing with, and all the things she has learned during her year there, from cooking to farming. Something that left me shocked and saddened was learning that that very day, it was discovered that the doctors that would be leaving the clinic would not be replaced by new doctors. The clinic would be left without a doctor for 6 months until a new round of selections take place. The current doctor and staff there were clearly concerned with the news but knew there was nothing for them to do. I couldn’t bring myself to imagine the town surviving for 6 months without a doctor there. The experience had me reflecting on the focus of service medical students are pushed to have here in Mexico, and how I can transfer that drive of service to my future studies.

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