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Eis Eis Eis

Eis or ice cream is a staple here for the summer, especially when it’s upwards 90°F. There’s no air conditioning in buildings and apartments. CIEE can get very hot during the days, especially when we only have a fan. Grocery stores and department stores do have air conditioning, so I’ve been going window shopping quite a lot this week. Summers are usually rainy and hot, but this summer is especially hot. The worst thing about the heat isn’t walking around, it’s when I have to get on public transportation at rush hour and there are only open windows to combat the stagnant air of people packed like sardines.

Anyways, back to Eis! Ice cream is definitely cheaper here than in Chicago. There are ice cream shops every few streets. You can usually spot one by the big ice cream cone in front. I’ve never had more ice cream in a summer than on this trip. Usually, after dinner, I would take a quick five-minute walk in any direction, and end up at an ice cream shop. I decided to explore Berlin’s ice cream shops more and searched for ice cream to try in the city. Images of spaghetti filled my laptop screen as I read the words Spaghetti-Eis. Upon further research, this dessert was concocted in the late 1960’s in Germany. It’s ice cream noodles with strawberry sauce and white chocolate flakes. If you can get past the looks and how it’s kind of a gimmick, it is pretty delicious!


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