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Food Mood

Apologies for the lack of posts thus far, but I’ve been so busy meeting so many great faces in even more unusual spaces. I want to start this blog post expressing my gratitude for the teachers, staff, and faculty that made this trip possible; especially Frau Meuser, Jan Behrs, and Jonas Rosenbruck. I have experienced so much linguistic and personal growth because they are very passionate about exposing us to the German experience. I am thrilled to be here because they have fostered an environment of being unique and trying everything out once. The first thing that I talked about with Jonas when he picked us up at the airport was about food; partially because I LOVE FOOD, but also because I wanted to know some of the best spots to go to grab a snack. The best thing about my trip to Germany so far without a doubt has been the availability of cheap and magnificently beautiful cuisine. All food here you can basically get for under 10 euro; from a juicy Thuringian bratwurst to a creamy lachs linguine.  Another thing I love about the food here, is the social sport of bringing people together. Since everything is so new and the availability of ingredients here is so diverse, cooking and trying my friends food has been a blast. So many different cooks and their own personal flavors dance around my palette when we make meals together or go out for a buffet. Since Berlin is huge and has about a million food places, I have attached one of my favorite websites to look at for food suggestions just so you know what I have been going through to find some of the best food out there.


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