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Bo de B

Bo de B is the restaurant listed on just about every “must-visit” list for Barcelona, and rightfully so. Europe differs greatly from the United States in that the majority of cafés and restaurants on the streets of Europe serve sandwiches, not hamburgers or tacos. This difference is not something I have been adjusting to very easily, as in most cafés, you have to choose from an array of previously prepared sandwiches sitting in a glass window, of which you have no idea what is inside. At the University, it was common to pick out what you thought would be the perfect ham and cheese, only to find out there were no condiments, or a chicken sandwich, only to find out the chicken is cold. These problems. however, are never to be faced at Bo de B.

Bo de B prepares serves hot sandwiches, and cooks the meat right as you order it. They line it off with a spicy red salsa, a savory pesto sauce, and a bit of a tangy white creme. You choose what graces your sandwich, similar to the Chipotle or Subway style, and it all costs only four euros. This experience is incredible and has changed my entire outlook on what a sandwich can be. I know this may sound a bit extreme, but Barcelona has actually won me over with this gem. I stopped looking for American food equivalents and started exploring different elements of Spanish cuisine around Barcelona, started buying baguettes from the grocery store, and actually started to appreciate the sandwiches at the University after discovering Bo de B.

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