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It’s Time!

In less than 2 hours, I will be on my way to O’Hare International Airport to catch my 7AM flight to Mexico City. To be honest, I have had my bags for this trip all packed and ready packed for weeks. This will be my first time traveling internationally, and I’ve never been more excited in my life than I am right now. I will have the opportunity to learn about Mexico’s deep history and Mexican culture through Northwestern’s Public Health in Mexico program. As a student pursuing a double major in Cultural Anthropology and Global Health Studies, I am excited to continue my academic journey through classes at Universidad Panamericana centered on the history, culture, and healthcare systems of Mexico. Additionally, I am excited to utilize my Spanish speaking skills that I’ve been practicing since early high school. Although I think of myself as an adequate Spanish speaker with the training I’ve received through the Spanish classes I’ve taken at Northwestern, I still feel a bit nervous, but I’m confident I will overcome this feeling with practice, especially with my host family!

I am mostly excited to explore everything the city has to offer. Last week, I met with a friend and mentor who gave me a list of places to check out, especially regarding the delicious food along Paseo de la Reforma. She insisted I check out specifically Cafe de Tacuba, El Cardenal, and especially Café El Jarocho (for their hot chocolate). She also suggested I visit El Museo de Memoria y Tolerancia, Frida Kahlo’s Blue House, Palacio de Bellas Artes, Ciudadela Market, and Lucha Libre at Arena Mexico. I feel lucky to have had her as a great resource, and I’m very eager to see these places (and I haven’t even talked about the trips to Oaxaca and Teotihuacan through the program, as well)! I am so excited for the adventures to come within these next eight weeks!

Paseo de la Reforma, Mexico City

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