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It is the day before I leave to Barcelona, Spain and I am very excited to embark on this amazing journey. As someone who has never traveled via airplane or outside of the United States, this is an experience I have truly been waiting for. I am most excited, as cliche as it sounds, for the culture of Spain. As the festivities of the FIFA World Cup begin, I am ready for the culture shock between how Americans celebrate the tournament versus how Spainards celebrate. In addition, soccer is the main sport in Spain. In the United States, American football or baseball control American culture and media. In regards to what I am most afraid of, it definitely has to be pickpockets. I have spoken to friends who have gone to Spain and people who have participated in this program regarding the issue. I intend on being very secure with all of my belongings as I do not want anything stolen.

I have looked over much of the academic framework for the program and I am honestly really excited for the film course. This course looks very intriguing and stimulating. I consider myself an avid movie fan as I have seen several classic films as well as the newest blockbusters in theaters. Analyzing the contrast between Spainard film and film making and American film is something that would be great to research. Before leaving, as stressed as it is, I should go to Spain with an open mind regarding everything about the program because that is how I will make the most of this experience.

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