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Berlin is so lit!

I am so sorry for using the word “lit”. I know, I am a college student, I am 20 years old…but I just can’t find better words to describe Berlin! It’s an amazing city! It’s so beautiful, so vibrant and so alive! …and the night life? OH MY GOD. I don’t want to leave this place, ever!

What a wonderful city!

My Northwestern class is  focused on politics and culture of Berlin and Germany and even after a few days, I feel have already learned so much. We watched a very strange movie called “Possession” from the times of divided Berlin. First it seemed to me just as some creepy and absurd movie, but after throughout analysis in class I realized this movie has a much more profound message of showing the pain and anxiety that was rippling throughout the divided city in the past.

Cafe Berlin – a wonderful cafe near Hackescher Markt

There was a bath in the cafe…. BaTh in A CafE! how cool is that??









We also had a wonderful trip in Weimar, a small town that the capital of the Weimar Republic before Hitler took over. As I learned in my class, it was a time of sexual liberation, cabaret, gay life and economic prosperity. Talking about liberal ideas, the gay marriage just got legal in Germany and next week there is going to be a Gay pride! It’s the first one I will ever go to, so I am excited to see what it is like.

The classes are time consuming and difficult, but I feel like I feel like my german is improving, however, when I asked for this wonderful ice-cream below, I asked for it in German… but they replied in English #rip. Well, maybe next time!

Did I mention that German ice cream is amazing? and I lived in Italy and I am saying that!

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