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Looking back

28135329175_4bbf45cdc8_oJust like that I am back to my regular dull student life composed of my daily routine of classes and work.  However, a few things have changed since my trip to Mexico City. I realize I risk sounding cliché, but as I reflect on my experience abroad I realize just how much I’ve learned about myself and about my surroundings. For one I learned that I want to travel more. I’ve since become better about being less picky with what I eat. I learned that you can make life-long friends in a matter of seconds when you meet the right people. The truth is I met some of the humblest and sweetest people in Mexico. Everyone I met made an effort to make us feel at home. Studying abroad has also made me realize how much I take for granted like clean water and deep dish pizza. I’ve also come to realize how much I miss the little things like our salsa classes and exploring new places.


I was amazed at how much emphasis was placed on culture and family in Mexico. I remember watching the “aficionados” (fanatics) of soccer celebrate the victory of Pumas. Although I am not a big fan of soccer, that day I cheered louder than I ever did. Strangers were hugging one another chanting la porrade la afición de Pumas (their chant). It was such an exciting game and not so much because of what was happening in the fields as much as what went on in the seats. 

Aside from the game, nothing captivated me more than looking through Frida Kahlo’s art. It was filled with emotions and vibrant colors and just so much beauty. One of the best nights was when the whole group celebrated our youngest host family’s daughter. It was wonderful how in such a short period of time we had become a family. It may be over but the memories we made I will remember forever and hopefully one day I will go back to Mexico City.


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