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Weekend Full of Proud Mexican Sports Fans

Mexican sports are so much different than American sports. I realized this in one of my penultimate weekends. American sports are usually dull and full of bandwagoners- people that root for the team just because they are doing good (*cough* CUBS & BLACKHAWKS *cough*). However, Mexican sports are full of life, excitement, and pride. I was fortunate enough to see both Lucha Libre and a soccer game in the same weekend.

Lucha Libre was wild!! Families filed into Arena Coliseo to see the debauchery that is this sport. Essentially, Lucha Libre is the Mexican version of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) where fit, buff men “wrestle” and “hit” each other until they can pin them for three seconds on the mat. The emphasis is on the words in quotes. It was hilariously bad! Yet, the fans went crazy after every staged stunt and victory. It felt like the stage of one of my favorite childhood movies, Nacho Libre with Jack Black as a Mexican wrestler. I could not dumb down my mind enough to watch this again but it was an experience I will not soon forget.


The next weekend, we went to the Olimpico Univesitario Stadium to see the Pumas of UNAM play against Club Leon. This was what solidified my opinions about Mexican sport fans. The actual soccer play was not that great, but the fans made it great!! Throughout the WHOLE game, diehard fans sang their fight song while the band played their tunes. After every near goal or thrilling move, the fans would scream. Pumas ended up victorious 1-0, yet the game seemed so much closer due to the excitement. I really hope the United States can step there game and pride up to match the same amount of intensity the Mexican fans had.


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