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You want it? They got it.

Samuel Garcia, NUS Exchange, Fall 2014

A new local friend: “Oh, you’re new in Singapore, have you tried [insert famous local food here]?”

Me: “No, I don’t eat meat so I can’t eat that unfortunately.”

Local friend: “Oh you don’t eat meat? You miss out on some amazing food…”

I have had this conversation many times since coming abroad, whichever country I am visiting. And well sometimes I do wish I could eat Xiao Long Bao or Chicken Rice, I have to disagree, I don’t think I am missing out on anything. Especially in a place like Singapore, where there are so many different types of food to try. That’s the great thing about living in a truly multicultural city, there is authentic food from many different countries in one place. Even just in my school canteen, there is Chinese food, Western food, Indian food, Korean food, Sichuan food, and more.

Before I came to Singapore some friend told me it is a society that loves to eat. Now I understand why. One of the first friends I made here told me that when he can eat something different for every meal, you can bet he will eat at least three meals a day. It’s literally impossible to get bored of food here.

The best part for me is that while l I get to try all these foods from around South East Asia, on my homesick days when I crave Western food, I can always find a brunch place, get some pancakes and taste a little bit of home.

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