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The Hot Summer Days

Huiqing Xu, NU in China, Summer 2014

Water Cube

After spending these several weeks in Beijing, I finally understand what hot and humid weather truly feels like. Stepping outside for just five minutes can leave you drenched in sweat. After enduring weeks of this weather, my friends and I decided to go to a waterpark. Not just any plain, old, overcrowded waterpark in China, but it was the waterpark inside the Water Cube in Olympic Park! We went after class on a Friday afternoon, hoping that people would still be at work and that it wouldn’t be crowded. Little did we know that the park would still be crowded regardless.

Upon arriving at the water park, we found that it was catered more towards children and families rather than young adults. The park was small and there weren’t many things to do there. There was a playground just for kids. Most of the slides were for children also. The waves in the wave pool were small. There was a raft ride down a water slide that I did enjoy very much though. It was a four person raft and we went down that slide four times in total. During our last ride, when the raft hit the bottom, my friend let go of the handles and flew off the rift. I thought it was hilarious.

I also went on this water slide that completely terrified me. In the beginning, there was a countdown and then the floor opens and you get dropped down. My friend said she heard me screaming the entire way down the slide.

Water Cube Park


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