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Sofia Falzoni, Sciences Po Exchange, Fall 2012

I can’t believe this summer is almost over!  It’s already the third week of august and I still have not accomplished most of my goals for the summer—get a tan, exercise daily, …and practice French…

In just two weeks I will be attending classes at Sciences Po; I am taking 4 in English and 2 in French, which is why I had planned to review French grammar and practice conversation before I go. Although I did actually read a French newspaper a few times a week this summer, I do not feel prepared to enough to go to classes taught by French professors and write papers and take quizzes in French.

However, I am sure it’ll all work out and, after some time in Paris, I will become accustomed to the fast French and hopefully be able to carry on a conversation with classmates and other Parisians I come into contact with. Plus, I will be there for a year, which is a good amount of time to get to know the city, improve my language skills, and familiarize myself with the French lifestyle.

I was planning write down a set of goals I would like to accomplish by the end of my first semester abroad. But I decided to scratch that and enjoy every moment of my time abroad not being constricted by specific goal and strict objectives— I figured I’ll just go with the flow, set my own pace, and let the experience itself lead me to goals I couldn’t even have thought of myself. The only rules I am making for myself are to not be shy and not be lazy. That’s it. And we’ll go from there. If it doesn’t work out, I can always make goals for second semester!

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