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Category: Tips

Tips and Tricks to Off-Campus Housing

It’s mid-November, and Northwestern students are in the throes of finishing up whatever midterms they have, getting ready for finals, counting down the days until break, and yes, starting to look for off-campus housing. For students looking for off-campus housing, the fast pace of the housing process may catch first timers off-guard as many have

Winter Tips and Tricks

With below-zero temperatures and piles of snow, it’s been a rough winter. If the sludge has gotten you down, you’re certainly not alone. Still, just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you have to adopt an icy demeanor.  Below, a compilation of advice on how to survive the winter –and maybe even enjoy it! 1) Enjoy some art

What Every Wildcat Needs to Know: Part 1

Through a series of blog posts, we will be highlighting the many awesome opportunities and programs within Student Affairs dedicated to the student experience. First off, a deeper look into SafeRide, CARE, Religious and Spiritual Life, AccessibleNU and Career Advancement.

Something in the Game Brings Family, Fame, and Football to the Wirtz Center

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team won’t be coming to Evanston until this November, but you can catch them at the Wirtz Center through August 5! In the new musical Something in the Game, currently running in the Wirtz Center’s Louis Theatre, the story of legendary Notre Dame football coach Knute Rockne is brought to life on stage.

Student Learning Assessment Conference Showcases Staff Research

At Northwestern’s Fifth Annual Student Learning Assessment Conference, staff leaders from numerous departments within the Division of Student Affairs gathered in the Norris University Center. During the conference, they shared posters, presentations, and panels detailing their efforts to research, test, and improve the ways that co-curricular organizations can add to the Northwestern student experience.