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Month: April 2020

Staff Spotlight: Sharitza Rivera

Name: Sharitza Rivera Title: Assistant Director Department:  Student Enrichment Services What brought you to Student Affairs? I was working as a therapist in K-12 schools in Chicago. I felt frustrated that the work I was doing was helping a student survive, but not creating a larger impact on their life. I reflected on my own

Staff Spotlight: Joe Lattal

Name: Joe Lattal Title: Assistant Director Department: Student Organizations & Activities Where are you from?  Madison, Wisconsin What brought you to Student Affairs? Student Affairs is my third career. After finding another field unfulfilling, I decided to step away and reflect on where I thought I would be happiest professionally. Thoughts continuously returned to my

Staff Spotlight: Pawel Halemba

Name: Pawel Halemba Title: Maintenance Supervisor Department: Residential Services Where are you from? I moved to the U.S. from Poland when I was a teenager. Since then I always lived around Chicago. What brought you to Student Affairs? It was actually quite random, I saw the job posting online. Having extensive management background I thought

Staff Spotlight: Lucas Christain

Name: Lucas Christain Title: Assistant Dean of Students and Director, Office of Student Conduct Department: Dean of Students Office Where are you from?  Iowa What brought you to Student Affairs? Belonging brought me into student affairs. As a first gen student who struggled to find his place and often felt like an impostor, student affairs