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Staff Spotlight: Eugenia Ortiz

Name: Eugenia Ortiz

Title: Program Assistant

Department: Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Where are you from? Cicero, IL

What brought you to Student Affairs?
Ever since I started college, I began working in the Higher Education field and specifically in different roles among Student Affairs. I fell in love not only with the atmosphere but the dedication that leaders had to improve the life of a student. Not only being a student but working “behind the scenes” of a college molded me in to the leader I want to be. Mental Health is something I was always passionate about, so I wanted to mix my two passions in to one and that is how I found this role! Working not only in Student Affairs but specifically focusing on the mental health of the students was a match made in heaven for me!

What’s your favorite part about working in Student Affairs?
That everyday you get to work with students and in some way, you impact their college experience. It may seem small what you do, but you’re part of a large system working together to ensure you’re making a difference and improving their journey.

What recommendation(s) do you have for someone new to Student Affairs?
Don’t be scared to meet people in other departments! Even if you don’t work with them on a daily basis, it’s always great to not only expand your network, but know more about your institution, which can better help serve the students you work with.

Who or what has had the greatest influence on your career?
Growing up being a first-generation student, all my peers and I kind of just blindly went through all the college applications, the advising appointments, placement tests. It was extremely overwhelming and scary to say the least! But remember all those leaders who didn’t give up on us, who helped us when we were stuck, and encouraged us to push through the barriers. Those are the people that got us where we are today. I want to be that leader for future students who are where I used to be. My dreams are definitely my greatest influence!

What inspires you?
My mom’s character is what always inspires me. She is without a doubt the most selfless person I know. She always goes out of her way to help her family, friends and neighbors, whether it’s with helping them with groceries, or just giving them a shoulder to cry on. She always listens without judgement and keeps her word. She inspires me to be a better person, and better friend, and taught me to always help those in need. Whenever I’m stuck I always look to her for inspiration.

What can’t you live without?
Music, comedy tv shows and movies, and coffee!

How do you like to spend your free time?
Baking (or at least attempting to), playing with makeup, and exploring new places whether in the city or hidden gems in the suburbs.

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