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Month: December 2019

Staff Spotlight: Jessica Toro-Pacheco

Title: Assistant Director Department: Student Affairs Marketing Where are you from? Chicago, IL What brought you to Student Affairs? I was working at Social Security Administration headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland and I decided that I needed more creativity to feel like me. I was also very homesick and missed my many jobs working with students

Staff Spotlight: Jill Norton

  Name: Jill Norton Title: Visual Communications Manager & Photographer Department: Student Affairs Marketing Where are you from? Cincinnati, Ohio What brought you to Student Affairs? I have been a professional photographer since 2001 and in 2008 Anne VanOsdol was one of my favorite clients and she asked me to do some photography and design

Wildcat Impact Awards

Wildcat Impact Awards  Many Northwestern students work hard to make the campus a more positive place to be. They host events, provide support, and do so much more for students to build community and grow together.  This fall, six students and one student organization have been selected to receive a Wildcat Impact award, an award that recognizes students based

The Week Ahead (December 9-14)

Norris Exam Relief Break for Snacks and Relax   Monday, December 9 and Tuesday, December 10 at 2 PM   The SOURCE, Campus Life Third Floor, Norris University Center  Take a study break during finals week with Norris Exam Relief! Free snacks and socks will be provided. Come join the fun and relieve your stress!    Norris Exam

Staff Spotlight: Melissa Goethals

Name: Melissa Goethals Title: Assistant Director, Career Advising Department: Northwestern Career Advancement Where are you from?  Originally LaGrange Park, IL but now I live in Berwyn What brought you to Student Affairs?  I began my career in higher ed by working with Illinois Student Assistance Commission as an ISACorps member. This role helped me develop