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Month: November 2019

Staff Spotlight: Jenny Gurley

Name: Jenny Gurley Title: Events Manager Department: Religious and Spiritual Life Where are you from? Upland, Southern California What brought you to Student Affairs? I went to the University of Chicago for graduate school where I studied History of Religion. I also worked as an Events Assistant at the Rockefeller during my time there. The

The Week Ahead (December 2–8) 

Leadership Collective Impact Group – Innovative Leadership Development and NEW Resources  Wednesday, December 4 from 12:00–1:30 PM  Searle Hall, Room 3.220, 633 Emerson  All are welcome to the Fall Quarter meeting of Leadership Collective Impact Group. You’ll hear from folks who are using the Leadership Framework in creative and interesting ways. Perhaps their work will

Tips and Tricks to Off-Campus Housing

It’s mid-November, and Northwestern students are in the throes of finishing up whatever midterms they have, getting ready for finals, counting down the days until break, and yes, starting to look for off-campus housing. For students looking for off-campus housing, the fast pace of the housing process may catch first timers off-guard as many have

The Week Ahead (November 25-December 1)

Let’s Talk Series  Monday, November 25, from 1:30–2:30 PM  University Library, 1134  Join CAPS counselors in University Library for free, informal, confidential consultations with counselors. There is no appointment necessary, and students are seen on a first-come, first-serve basis. This is an opportunity to talk to a professional about anything from stress to adjustment struggles,

Staff Spotlight: Meredith Young

Name: Meredith Young Title: Operations Manager Department: Norris University Center Where are you from? Wheaton, IL What brought you to Student Affairs? I worked in consulting focused on healthcare and higher education, and liked the subject matter but really didn’t enjoy the work and felt too far away from the areas where we were supposedly

Protect Yourself with a Flu Shot

With temperatures dropping and the quarter system moving fast, there is a high chance of catching the flu. Living and working together in close quarters on Northwestern campus increases the spread of influenza. Even a generally healthy person could get sick from the flu, which could result in missed classes or work days. Seasonal flu vaccines are highly

Native American Heritage Month

This month, Northwestern will participate in the National Native American Heritage Month, with the help of Multicultural Student Affairs (MSA), by honoring Native American and Indigenous cultures with 30 days of Indigenous.  The entire month of November will be dedicated to acknowledging, learning about, and shedding light on the history and experiences of Native American and Indigenous folks. Programming includes guest speakers, panel discussions,

The Week Ahead (November 18-24)

Smudging Ceremony  Wednesday, November 20 from 12:15–12:45 PM  The Multicultural Center, 1st Floor  November is Native American Heritage Month, a time to honor the traditions and communities of Native American and Indigenous folks. This Wednesday, students can join the Multicultural Student Affairs office in learning and partaking in the tradition of Smudging, the practice of burning sage and/or

Staff Spotlight: Nadim Rana

Name: Nadim Rana Title: Assistant Dean of Students Department: Dean of Students Office Where are you from? Wilmette, IL What brought you to Student Affairs? I was told about this job by a friend and colleague. It seemed to fit my skill set, and I was excited to work with undergrads and grads, so I

The Week Ahead (November 11 – 17)

Campus Nature Walk  Tuesday, November 12 from 9:00–9:45 AM   Weber Arch, Evanston IL   Join Multicultural Student Affairs (MSA) for a campus walk to celebrate the Native American Heritage Month: 30 Days of Indigenous. The event happens once a week, and you’ll be able to build relationships beyond the Northwestern community. This week’s session will be led