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Month: May 2018

A Comprehensive Guide to Free Food During Finals Week

I think we can all agree on the universal truth that exams are The Worst. The good news is that only one more round of exams stands between you and summer break. You can do this!

If you’re feeling a bit low on motivation to get through your final finals, don’t sweat it. Norris has your back with a week of stress-reducing Exam Relief activities.

JubilAsian Promotes APIDA Visibility at Northwestern

Northwestern has been celebrating Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) Heritage Month this May with speaker events, performances, shows, workshops, and more. With the month drawing to a close, APIDA Heritage Month will be going out with a bang with Multicultural Student Affairs’ (MSA) annual JubilAsian celebration on May 25.

“JubilAsian is an event that celebrates visibility of the APIDA community at Northwestern,” Ying Dai, a member of the event’s outreach committee, said. This year’s theme is “To Be Seen,” which focuses on recognizing APIDA students’ impact within the Northwestern community.

Get the Best of Both Worlds with Chicago Field Studies

Graduation season is fast approaching, and seniors aren’t the only ones planning for their future. Many Northwestern students want to begin developing their careers, but balancing academic and professional goals can be difficult. One great way to achieve this is through Chicago Field Studies, a program which allows students to gain academic credit along with meaningful internship experience.

Meet Clueless Colfax!

What’s up, Wildcats! I’m Clueless Colfax, and I’m a sophomore American Studies major from Flagstaff, Arizona. Last Dillo day, you’ll never believe what happened…

“This Is Noise”: Elder Hosts Award-Winning Radio/Sound Artist

The Sound Studies Listening Group’s Spring 2018 session, led by international award-winning radio/sound artist Colin Black, was hosted by Professor Jake Smith (Radio/Television/Film) in his Faculty-in-Residence apartment at Elder Residential Community. Thanks to Smith’s connection to the residential experience, Black was able to truly immerse himself in the Northwestern experience by living in Elder’s guest apartment for a month-long visit.

Tensile Strength: Six Art Theory and Practice Students Present Their Senior Exhibit

Six graduating Art Theory and Practice students will present their senior exhibit, Tensile Strength. Each of their practices are vastly different from one another, but together they explore important themes like trauma, solitude, nostalgia, and femininity. The Tensile Strength opening reception will be May 18 from 4–6 p.m. in the Dittmar Gallery. The exhibit will show through June 15.

Pinoy Show 2018: A Night of Politics, Culture, and Game of Thrones

The Pinoy Show, hosted by Kaibigan, the Philippine Student Association, returns on May 19 with a theme that’s both popular and intentional. “GoT – A Song of Kai and Fire” will feature dances, skits, and a general Game of Thrones-like storyline that reflects the history of revolutionary Filipina women, as well as the current situation in the Philippines.

KASA Show 2018: Produce KASA

While the Korean American Student Association organizes a range of programming and events throughout the year, its biggest annual event is KASA Show: a cultural celebration showcasing internal student acts and external celebrity headliners. Outgoing internal president Kireem Nam describes it as the “most ambitious event that we put on each year, an unapologetic and proud celebration of our cultural roots.” This year, the organization sold out Ryan Auditorium for a spinoff of Korean reality competition “Produce 101.”

Project NU: For Us, By Us, About Us

Project NU’s Where the Water Meets the Rocks is the only play on campus made for, by, and about Northwestern students. The Spectrum Theater production will show on May 17, 18, and 19 at Shanley Pavilion.

“We are hoping that we tell your stories,” director Shane Eichstaedt said. “I can almost guarantee that there is a moment of honest-to-God truth for every student here, in this play. I don’t know what it is for everyone, but people should come see it because it’s true, and it’s real, and it’s now, and it’s us… and it’s free.”   

Students From Across Residential Colleges Explore Race (and the Blues) in Chicago

Northwestern students often hear upperclassmen share how their biggest regret was not taking advantage of the big city next door, but the University is constantly working to close the gap between Evanston and Chicago.

On a recent Saturday afternoon, students and faculty from across the residential colleges boarded a charter bus for a trip to the Chicago History Museum. There, they immersed themselves in the temporary exhibitions of Race: Are We So Different? and the newly opened Amplified: Chicago Blues.