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Month: May 2017

Tips and Tricks for Move-out 2017

Time is ticking down, and summer is quickly approaching, even though it might not feel like it thanks to all of our tests, papers, and projects. If you’re living on campus this year, it’s time to start thinking about moving out, which will officially take place June 5-10. If you’re worried or confused about the process, look no further than Res Services’ Move-Out Guide! To supplement the steps outlined in the guide, take a look at these tips and tricks from experienced students about how to make sure your move-out process goes smoothly.

Five Ways to Make the Most of Summer In Evanston

Working or doing research at Northwestern over the summer? Working in Chicago but staying in Evanston? Summer in Evanston is pretty amazing once you realize how much is available both in the city and close by. Here are our five tips on how to make the most of summer in Evanston:

Externship Program Provides Opportunities for Career Exploration

One of the best things about college is trying out new things, whether those be extracurriculars, classes, or career paths. With so many potential career options available, exploring as many as you can while at Northwestern can help you shape your future.

“I really believe that you never know what a career is going to look like until you get a firsthand look at it, experience it in a way,” Medill junior Pia Basu said. “I wanted to spend some time with a Northwestern alum who could walk me through what their career path was and some of the challenges they face at work, but also what they enjoy most about their job so I could get a sense of what would be a good fit for me.”

Find Safety Resources with NUhelp

Blue lights, neighborhood desks, police… these are all common safety features at universities around the country, but do you really know how to find or use Northwestern’s safety features? Lucky for you, the NUhelp app has an option specifically for connecting with University resources and staying safe at Northwestern. The Safety feature provides links to descriptions of safety resources all around campus.

Northwestern Bollywood Dance Team Tops National Competition

After a successful past season, Northwestern’s Bollywood dance team Anubhav continued their victorious streak, taking first place at the Legends Bollywood Dance Championship in California last month, also winning Best Choreography and Best Costumes. Senior and team captain Ushasi Naha said the victories were “a dream come true.”

Anubhav has a history of winning; they’ve won national competitions three out of their past four seasons, making them the only team in the country to do so.

Find and Use Resources Through NUhelp

Have you ever been unsure of where to find a resource on campus? Has there ever been a time when you didn’t know where to look for help? Luckily, the NUhelp app consolidates all of this information with the Resources feature. Find and share information on Northwestern’s many health resources, including AccessibleNU and Northwestern Recreation, on the NUhelp app!

2017 Dillo Day Guide to Res. Hall Guests

It’s almost time for the highlight of spring quarter – Dillo weekend. You’ve invited your best pal from back home to come visit and enjoy the music and fun with you. But wait…what do you need to do to make sure they have a happy and healthy stay in your res hall room? Don’t worry, we’ve put together a handy guide of all the necessary steps below.

JubilAsian Celebrates Asian American Heritage

Multicultural Student Affairs (MSA) kicked off Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Heritage Month this May with its annual JubilAsian celebration. The community gathered in the Louis Room on April 30 for an evening of pan-Asian food, music, and reflection.

The night began with opening remarks from MSA Assistant Director Christine Munteanu and Douglas Ishii, a visiting assistant professor in the Asian American Studies program. Both speakers encouraged contemplation Asian American history, especially in light of the May anniversaries of the first Japanese immigrants’ arrival in the United States and Chinese laborers’ completion of the transcontinental railroad.