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Month: September 2015

“Send Silence Packing” Program Coming to Northwestern

Promoting mental health and suicide prevention is a top priority at Northwestern. At times, stigma may result in students feeling uncomfortable about reaching out to friends or family and seeking the help they need. However, no one should feel like they have to hide or be alone. Northwestern is actively addressing the topic of mental health and suicide prevention in a number of ways, including an upcoming highly acclaimed program, Send Silence Packing. 

Dispelling the Stigma, One Resource at a Time

From surviving 2013–14’s “Polar Vortex” and Evanston’s regularly below-freezing weather, to lamenting expensive textbooks and extracurricular workloads, Northwestern students bond — and commiserate — over a variety of experiences during their four years.

For some students, however, there is an added reality — whether they can afford the gear that makes these winters bearable, the textbooks they need almost immediately in the quarter system, and dues for all the clubs and interests they want to explore like any other student.