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Month: September 2014

Being an RA

Student Affairs Department: Residential Services

Coming into RA training for the fall, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I had thought about being an RA as early as my sophomore year of high school, but I originally looked at it solely as a job for room and board compensation to help with my education expenses. However, after weeks of training, the position has become so much more to me.

I arrived on campus in late August and RA training began soon after. The subsequent ten days of training were long, challenging, exciting, stressful, overwhelming, and eye opening all at the same time.

Sweet Home Chicago

Student Affairs Department: Wildcat Welcome

Let’s be honest, we’re a bit, er, intense about our traditions here at Northwestern. Whether in the form of camping out to paint the Rock or screaming your throat hoarse during the Primal Scream of Finals Week, Wildcats gravitate to these unifying, shared experiences. But when we think beyond the silliness of some our common rituals, we find something greater and more enduring: the common values they create.

One of those values and key elements of the Northwestern experience is the relationship Wildcats have with the city of Chicago.

It’s All in the Family

Student Affairs Department: Wildcat Welcome

As members of Northwestern University’s Class of 2018 prepare to come to Evanston for Wildcat Welcome (Sept. 15 through Sept. 22) and the beginning of their college careers, their families will be trying to figure out the best way to support and encourage their students while allowing them to fully experience all Northwestern has to offer. To help with this often-challenging balancing act, we’ve enlisted the help of the Division of Student Affairs’ Family Ambassadors. The ambassadors, who are current undergraduate students, offer some tips and advice for families to help make the transition to Northwestern life as smooth possible.