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Center for Science and Protection of Engineered Environments

Engineering the next generation of resilient urban infrastructure


About the center

More than half of the world’s population lives in urban areas and this trend is destined to continue for the foreseeable future. In this context, modern cities face unprecedented challenges due to exposure to extreme events, scarcity of resources and energy inefficiency. Smart urban technologies, adaptive infrastructure systems, and efficient resource management are becoming increasingly important for our wellbeing, as well as for the economic, social and environmental sustainability of interconnected urban systems.

The vision of the Center for Science and Protection of Engineered Environments (SPREE) is rooted in this context and it is motivated by the need to find science-based technological solutions to such pressing challenges of the modern world. By benefiting from a diversified expertise in multiple areas of science and technology, our goal is to conduct innovative research in strategic areas of engineering science which will inspire the new generation of cities and infrastructures.

Our long-term goal is therefore to foster the concepts, tools, and policies which can guarantee increasing quality of life, health, and prosperity, while protecting cities from natural and man-made disasters, safeguarding the environment and conserving its natural resources.

Our Strengths



Our research encompasses six core thrusts:

– Mitigation of Natural Hazards
– Construction Automation
– Adaptive and Functional Materials
– Bioinspired Engineering
– Energy Resources and Management
– Intelligent Infrastructure Systems



In addition to a diverse research portfolio, the center benefits from cutting-edge laboratory resources and facilities in the area of mechanical testing, energy materials, earth movement and construction automation.

News and Events

News and Events

The center regularly promotes scientific collaboration through cross-cutting seminars and educational events offered by worldwide leaders from academia, government and industry.