About Me

I am a 3rd year PhD Candidate in Statistics at Northwestern University and an Institute of Education Sciences (IES) fellow. Broadly speaking, my interests are in the development and application of statistical methodology in the social sciences. This had led to research in experimental design and meta-analysis. While carving out my space in these bodies of work, I have been lucky enough to be guided by my advisor, Larry Hedges.

Before graduate school, I attended Carnegie Mellon University where I initially majored in French and Francophone Studies. As part of a degree requirement, I took a few courses in Statistics during my freshman year and fell in love. I ultimately graduated with a B.S. in Economics and Statistics in 2013. I owe this in large part to the brilliant mentorship and guidance of Carol Goldburg and Brian Junker.

While at Carnegie Mellon, I participated in a consulting project for Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS) which landed me a job! As a data analyst at PPS, I got to experience firsthand the value of good methodology in the context of policy making and implementation. My experiences at PPS inspired me to pursue a PhD and create my own research program, in hopes of continuing to provide that value to practitioners and policymakers.

I love what I do, but there’s more to my life than statistics! When I’m not doing research, you’re likely to find me doing yoga, hiking, reading, or indulging my unabashed love for reality television.