Thank you for your interest in our study! We are currently recruiting 

for this study at Northshore University HealthSystem in Evanston, IL.


To be eligible to participate you must:






































What does participation include?

You will be asked to come to Northwestern’s Foundations of Health Research Center, for two 2-hour lab visits throughout your pregnancy. First visit will take place in your second trimester between 20-26 weeks. The second visit will take place in your third trimester of pregnancy after 32-40 weeks.

Visits will consist of interviews about your life and relationships, various computer questionnaires and interviews, and health measurements (e.g blood pressure, blood draw, height and weight).

When your baby is born, you will also be asked to donate a portion of your placenta and umbilical cord blood to the study. Normally, these are discarded as medical waste.

After your child is born we will also gather information from your medical records and those of your baby. This information will help us to understand how the pregnancy went and the baby’s health at the time of delivery.

Benefits of Participating Include

Help researchers and doctors learn more about the factors that promote healthy pregnancy and fetal development.

You may find the questionnaires and interviews to be interesting!

You will be compensated up to $125 for your time and participation.

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Research Study title: Stress and Health During Pregnancy, IRB #STU00206269, Dr. Gregory Miller, Northwestern University, Department of Psychology, Dr. Ann Borders, Northshore University HealthSystem, Maternal-Fetal Medicine