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Southwest Area

Where Campus Meets Downtown


The Southwest Area Experience

The Southwest Area Experience

Residents of the Southwest Area love all that it has to offer. With large anchors at either end–Willard has the Engagement Center and Fran’s Cafe while Foster-Walker has the dining halls and package center–the Southwest Area also has smaller buildings. All residents enjoy being steps away from downtown Evanston, whether their favorite spot is Unicorn Cafe or CVS.

The Southwest Area in Photos

Students, families, and alumni who want to feel connected to the Southwest Area can keep up with us on Instagram. We’ll provide a steady diet of pictures of what is going on, including flyers for upcoming programs and photos of events. For those into nostalgia, don’t miss #ThrowbackThursday images from our friends in University Archives. And, for anyone who likes puzzlers, we’ll be posting beautiful architectural pictures of the area’s buildings and common spaces. The catch? We’re zooming in so followers don’t have much context for identifying them. Think you know campus like the back of your hand? Step right up and take a guess!

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COVID-19 Housing Information

COVID-19 Housing Information

The area website will continue to be a source of information for all 2019-20 residents, regardless of where they are located for the remote instruction period. Residents who remain on campus should rely on the COVID-19 Housing website, which has special staffing, resource, and service information from Residential Services.

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