Greetings! I am doctoral candidate in American Religions and Mellon Fellow in Comparative Race and Diaspora at Northwestern University. My research and teaching is situated at the intersections of critical ethnic/race studies, religion/secularism, and the environmental humanities, focusing on the United States empire in the late 19th and early 20th century.  My dissertation project, The Age of Plastic(s): Race, Religion and Ecology in the Protestant World Order explores the science of conversion in Protestant missions and the human/in-human sciences, interrogating the discourse of plastic/plasticity as a transcolonial grammar within racialized modernity. My areas of interest include: Religion and U.S. empire, critical race/sex theory, Black and Indigenous studies, secularism and biopolitics, space and movement, racial capitalism, science and technology, environmental humanities, and decolonial methodologies. Before coming to Northwestern, I earned my Masters degree from Princeton Seminary and my Bachelors from Anderson University. My adviser is Sylvester Johnson.

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